About Kevin Graham Driver Training

Hi, and welcome to the Kevin Graham Driver Training website. I hope after reading this brief story about how I became a successful Driving Instructor you will feel confident to give me a call and book your first step towards driving freedom, please read on…

I qualified as a Driving Instructor with the DVSA in 1999 and after a lot of studying and hard work I managed to pass all three of my exams on my first attempt. So you could say that I’ve been involved with delivering driving lessons for quite some time now. Initially I started out with a local driving school in Carlilsle called Amber Driving Tuition but then eventually I made the big decision to set up my own driving school and have became one of the most successful independent driving instructors in the area with over 73 five star reviews on Google.

Did you know that the DVSA conduct a quality check with all driving instructors every four years? It’s called a Standards Check where we are graded accordingly for our ability to teach on a client centred basis. I knew using traditional instruction was not going to cut it anymore so before my first Standards Check came up, I drove a desk for a while and gained a new teaching qualification called the BTEC4 in Coaching for Professional Driver Development. Since that qualification I have successfully passed the Standards Check twice at a Grade-A level which puts me in the top 31% of the country.

Having an advanced qualification in driving has really helped me deliver professional driver training for years now and it’s something you can do too. I’m proud to say that I am a member of the ROSPA group and have maintained the gold standard of advanced driving since 2004! This driving test is usually conducted by a Police Driver Trainer so you can imagine that I’ve got to be on my best behaviour!

Helping to build your driving confidence is quite a passion of mine and one step I have taken recently was to introduce a fully loaded (and free) student app that you can download called My Drive Time. This student app is something I subscribe to and it provides you with instant access to your progress, the syllabus and lesson structure too. As part of the service we offer a driving lesson text reminder so you will always be alerted 48 hours prior to your lessons starting in case you need to cancel or amend that particular appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, give me a call and book your first lesson today!