Beginner Lessons

This course is for the complete novice who has very little driving experience.

Learning how to drive is one of the most exciting things you can ever set out to do and right now you are ready to find the right driving school in Carlisle so you can get prepared to pass your driving test.

At Kevin Graham Driver Training we want you to choose our driving school for your training but we need to prove why we are right for you, so on this website you are going to find a lot of interesting information which will be of enormous benefit to you. Have a look for our Triple Guarantee where we offer you a money back guarantee, a pass promise and also a 2 year driving licence warranty. In short we are making sure you have a very reliable service that will help you pass your driving test and become a safe driver.

We also want to show you how to save money.
You will find articles on the website to help you reasonably save over £500 on getting your licence and you can save large amounts of money by not being a genius driver, but just by scheduling in your driving lessons in a more conducive way to learning a new skill.

On your first driving lesson, please expect to be taken somewhere nice and quiet even if where you life suits that description. The idea is to have you relaxed and settled, this means not only learning in a place free from traffic but also away from well wishers who may be peering through the window waving you off. All very nice of course, but they unwittingly put you under pressure.

By the end of your first driving lesson you will have been driving and you will have been driving to the expectations as laid out by your eventual driving examiner. The programming for becoming a safe driver and to be able to pass your driving test starts on your very first lesson, and you will taking these new skills into every lesson.

We are popular, so you do need to phone now and enquire about our availability.

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