Driving lessons to build confidence

In about 27 seconds you will have taken a big step to feeling more confident…

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Driving lessons to build confidence

While you are learning to drive, It’s important that you get the most suitable driving instructor that can help you to improve your skills and guide you through all of the stages from tips on how to answer those tricky theory test questions or even easy to follow steps for the reversing manoeuvres.

I’m nervous about learning how to drive – can you help me?

Absolutely yes! You want to feel more confident? Rest assured, with over 22 years experience in helping people just like you who that are feeling anxious, Kevin will help you to pass the driving test and start to feel more confident about driving. There is always a calm approach on offer that will have you feeling comfortable in no time, you will never be rushed during your learning process or made to feel anxious.

How long is a driving lesson?

You can choose from the standard 1 hour per week driving course, 90 minutes or if you are really up for the challenge why not just go for it with the most popular choice of 2 hourly lessons? It really depends on your preference and schedule.

What happens on a lesson?

Each driving lesson will be different. Your driving confidence will grow as you learn new skills and progress through the learning to drive process. Especially for nervous drivers, we will start in quiet areas where you can practice your driving skills before eventually progressing onto main roads.

How many lessons will I need?

This will depend on your experience, knowledge and driving skills. Your driving instructor will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take for you to reach the driving test standard after a few lessons.

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