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It is probably not your fault if you are repeatedly failing your driving test

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Are you looking for a driving instructor that will rid you of your driving test nerves?

Failing your driving test is a real kick in the teeth but if you fail time after time the feeling almost becomes depressive and you slip into a way where you just live in hope that you can have a good examiner and a fair run on the day. No one passes their driving test like that and it is grossly unfair of any driving school in Carlisle to let you.

Good luck has very little to do with passing your practical test

It is actually unlikely to be your fault if you are continually failing. The driving test is not that hard to pass and with good training you will pass, it was never intended to stop people from passing but to allow all people to have the ability to drive safe and thats it.

The Driving Test Rescue course is a speciality program that will fix your issues.

1. You start off with a free telephone consultation worth £30, by the time the call ends you will feel in a better place.

2. Lesson one is an assessment of your driving which then turns into your first corrective driving lesson.

3. At the end of the first training session you will have a plan to complete your training and be a confident, prepared driver.

This is a ten hour course, it is priced at £330.

In addition you will need to pay for your driving test.

You may be able to use 2 of the hours from the course for the test if your ability permits you.

You have 2 choices.

To continue with any driving school looking for more lessons just as you have been doing, or to work with Kevin Graham Driver Training.

Pick up the phone and dial into your future