How do you tell if the driving instructor in Carlisle is any good?

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You want driving lessons in Carlisle.
Great, but who do you choose and why ? There are so many driving instructors in Carlisle and let’s face it when you look online how can tell the difference form one instructor to another ?

What are the qualities in a driving instructor that you are looking for ?

Everyone’s learning style and needs are different and you need a good driving instructor who can adapt to your requirements and help you reach your goal of passing your driving test quickly and easily.

Cheap driving lessons Carlisle

Buying cheap isn’t always the best plan to get true value for money. You may think it’s a good idea initially but more often than not the cheap driving schools will have parked up at the roadside talking theory instead of driving. Not only will you be bored but you are throwing away your money.

So how can I tell the difference ?

The DVSA are the only governing body in the UK who approve driving instructors to give high quality driving lessons to make you a safe driver for life. Yes you may have heard that before, but taking professional driving lessons with a good driving instructor is time invested wisely.

What you should expect from your driving instructor :

They should always give you their full attention without any distractions such as using mobile phones, making pick ups or drop offs. They should always be courteous towards you and never shout even when things go wrong.

Your driving instructor checklist :

. They are always punctual

. Use a well maintained and clean car

. There is always a well prepared lesson from the syllabus

What grade is your instructor ?

Preferably grade A or B from the new system or 5 or 6 from the old one. The DVSA run quality checks on all it’s driving instructors periodically to ensure you are getting the best possible service and most up to date teaching techniques.

Try Googling ‘ Driving Lessons Carlisle ‘

The best driving instructors out there literally pride themselves on giving great customer service and achieving consistently one of the highest pass rates in the area. Usually you will find that a lot of their customers are simply bursting to post online how much they enjoyed their driving lessons and brag a little bit about passing the driving test too.

So what are you waiting for ? Give us a call now on 0789 990 2607 to get your driving lessons started today.

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