How To Save £500 On Driving Lessons

This is a great guide to help you save a lot of cash learning to pass your driving test.

Cheap driving lessons in Carlisle are not difficult to find, but there is a problem, they are not exactly cheap! Ok, so on the face of it you can do 5 hours for £98 as a starter package with one driving school in Carlisle and you will find schools that are £1 or £2 cheaper but whats that going to save you… a £100 or so? That’s nothing. If you really need cheap driving lessons in Carlisle its not about the school you join, but the approach you take to learning and how you schedule your lessons. The DVSA have said the average number of hours needed with a professional school is 47 and on top of that you need 20 hours private practice. Ok, so lets break this down. Many of these people are going to be taking one hour a week and it gets you no where – fast! If you are going to train for something, say a guitar for example or whatever, you need regular training sessions. What you get on a one hour a week session is 30 minutes of that time trying to get back up to speed because you lost and forgot do much. What you need are 2 hour lessons and a lesson every 3 to 4 days. That way you could save around 12 hours of training. You see, if you are recapping for just 15 minutes, and that’s to get back up to last weeks standard, then for every 4 lessons you are using one for stuff you forgot. Pointless. That can cost you £300 no problem. There is a bonus to taking lessons how we suggest, another bonus that is. You can get rid of private practice. If you can insure a family car for a learner, then fuel it, and we won’t even mention the wear and tear on the brakes, clutch, tyres and alloys, for less than £30 a week you are doing well. Now you insure the family car for say 3 months, you do the sums! So, can you now see how you can save a significant amount of cash just be scheduling your lessons properly.

Booking Your Driving Test in Carlisle

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Test Success

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How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time In Carlisle

Statistically around 50% will fail first attempt but by choosing right driving instructor, it doesn’t need to be that way… If you invest in 40 to 50 hours of good quality tuition you will have the best chance possible of passing your driving test first attempt. By taking at least two hour lessons every three to four days will accelerate your learning curve to test standard within six months.

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