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Part Trained Lessons

This course is for the people who have already started to learn to drive…

Driving Lessons in Carlisle | Part Trained

The part trained driving course by Kevin Graham Driver Training has a double focus, to save you time in terms of the number of lessons you are going to need to pass your driving test and to save you money.

This program of driving lessons is perfect for any learner driver if you have already started to learn to drive and no longer consider yourself to be a beginner. So you can start the engine, perhaps get into 4th or 5th gear, have faced oncoming traffic and you have made left/right turns and maybe even roundabouts. That’s the minimum level we are looking at here, and the aim of the course is to complete your training so you are 100% fit and ready to impress the driving examiner and get your driving licence.

Driving Lessons in Carlisle | Ready To Go

We understand that you have already started to learn to drive some time ago and for whatever reason you stopped and now need to change driving school. So what we are going to do to help you save time and money is fast track your lessons by starting you with an assessment which will allow us to make you a personalised course of driving lessons in Carlisle.

The upshot is clear.
This course is designed for you, and no one else!
It is your personal course to help you pass your driving test.
Call us today.

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