The Driving Lessons in Carlisle Hall Of Fame

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Samuel Bailey, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed first attempt, Kevin has always been very calm with me and been a great driving instructor too. I’d recommend Kevin to anyone looking to learn to drive!”


George Donoghue, Carlisle


Congratulations to George Donoghue from Carlisle who Passed the practical driving test in Carlisle on his First attempt with Zero Faults!!! 

Joel Catterall, Carlisle


“What can I say the man’s a legend, gave me the confidence and all the skills I needed to pass FIRST Time With ZERO Faults!! If you need a driving instructor Kevin is your man”


Tori Horseman, Carlisle

Passed 1st Attempt

“From initially getting in the car until test day I had the most comfortable, enjoyable and informative experience. I now feel 100% confident in my driving ability thanks to every bit of knowledge Kevin has passed on”

Daniel Horsely, Carlisle

“I had other driving instructors who were nowhere near as good and thorough. By the time I took the test I felt I was way above the standard and knew what to expect”

Charlotte Percival, Carlisle

Passed 1st Attempt

“Kevin has always made me feel very comfortable as a nervous driver which has really helped in me passing my driving test first time”


Sylwia Kobos, Carlisle

Passed 1st Attempt

“Kevin, thank you very much, I’m very happy and I still can’t believe it!!”

Hannah Graham, Carlisle

Passed 1st Attempt

“Kevin was absolutely amazing with me from start to finish he was very supportive with a calming manner and thanks to this I passed 1st time!”

Emma Taylor, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin is an amazing instructor, I was quite nervous to start with but Kevin is so thorough he covers all aspects of driving and makes sure he goes at your own pace on lessons as well as giving you confidence to believe in yourself”

Daisy Hedley, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin is a calm and patient teacher with a wicked sense of humour!! Would recommend to anyone especially if your nervous”

Mollie Ketterick, Longtown

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin is such a great instructor and is so so patient.. he’s been amazing with me since the start of my driving and he helped me pass first time with only 1 minor”


Katy Sawyers, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin makes you feel at ease on every journey. It’s nice to have gone into my test as the examiners would also do feeling well prepared”

Hayley Birrell, Carlisle

“Kevin has been amazing! He has been really patient with me which is exactly what I needed being an anxious person. I’d highly recommend anyone to Kevin!”

Becca Brown, Carlisle

“Best driving instructor, Kevin is so patient and lovely! Passed with no problems”

Catherine Laidlaw, Longtown

“My first lesson I was scared to get into the drivers seat due to a bad experience but Kevin took me from strength to strength and reassured me all the way”

Isobel Akien, Carlisle 

Passed First Attempt

“I’m quite an anxious person and new to the area, Kevin gave me the time and space I needed to feel comfortable behind the wheel”

Daniel Potter, Carlisle

Passed First Attmept

“Passed first time with Kevin, he took me from dreading driving lessons to actually enjoying them”

Ellie Couper, Canonbie

 Perfect Score :

Zero Faults!!

“Thank you Kevin for helping me to pass my driving test with zero minors!! Super supportive and thorough training!! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Gavin Troughear, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“My brother learned to drive with Kevin so it was a no brainer choosing my Driving Instructor. I passed first attempt today with Kevin’s great instruction, would definitely recommend”

Anna Kwasniewska, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Had a brilliant experience learning to drive with Kevin, even though I was really nervous today I actually Passed First Attempt”

Brodie Latham, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin is brilliant. Really helped my confidence as well as my driving. I never thought I’d even have the courage to start and now I’ve just passed my test first time!! I’d recommend to anyone that wants to drive. Thank you so much!!”

Liam Sladen, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

Congratulations to Liam Sladen from Carlisle who passed the practical driving test today and only accumulated one minor error!!! Passing the test for Liam means that he can now further himself in his chosen career. 

Stephen Teasdale, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt 

“Kevin has been a phenomenal driving instructor, any worries I had about being behind the wheel were instantly taken away. The work, the effort and planning into each lesson are second to none!”

Caitlin Mcconnell, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my test first time. Kevin made me believe in myself even after all the nerves that I had. I still can’t believe that I was able to drive a car never mind pass the test!”


Alissa Moore, Carlisle

Passed with one minor !!

“Passed my driving test with one minor fault. Kevin is very patient and will work with you at your own pace. Definitely recommend!”

Megan Osgood, Carlisle

“Kevin listened to me fully so we could figure out what we needed to work on together. He is a very thorough instructor”

Fernanda De Freitas, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Highly recommended Kevin. Passed first time. Teaches you to drive not just pass your test. I couldn’t recommend him more. Great banter too!”

Jack Hinson, Cargo

“After a lot of hard graft I’m proud to say that I’ve passed my driving test with Kev… A day before uni no less!! Overall, the experience was very supportive, with lots of feedback and advice given throughout every lesson”

Bill Haden, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

Congratulations to Bill Vale-Haden from Carlisle who passed the practical driving test today August 29th on his first attempt!!! 

Callum Clark, Carlisle

“Initially I struggled to begin with because of having dyslexia etc, however Kevin helped me through my theory and today I passed my driving test 2nd go. Kevin is easy to talk to but serious about driving, great guy!”

Amelia Black, Carlisle

“Had my first drive an hour after I passed, petrol and visits to family and friends. My girls are over the moon and already fighting over the front seat. Thank you so much Kevin this means so much to us”

Carl Nelson, Carlisle

Passed my driving test this morning!! Kevin is fantastic at what he does, one of the best driving instructor’s in Carlisle you can find in and around the local area” 

Ayla Sergeant, Cirencester

Passed First Attempt

” Today I passed my driving test first time in Carlisle today thanks to Kevin. There are many good driving instructors you can find out there on Google, however in my opinion Kevin is one of the best !!! “

Owen Losh, Carlisle 

Passed First Attempt

” Kevin is a very reliable Driving Instructor. I passed first time today and I must say that is because Kevin encouraged me to complete a reflective log after each driving lesson. It continually developed my confidence to make it an easy driving test !!”


Carl Rigby, Carlisle 

“I passed my driving test today after only a few months with Kevin, I felt extremely relaxed on every training session and he really helped me improve in all areas too”

Katie Mountain, Wigton

“Kevin’s training completely changed how I felt about driving. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any learner”

Jessica Murphy, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Really good experience! And passed first time!”

Mandy Lee, Carlisle 

“Today I Passed First time with Kevin after several previous attempts. Could not recommend anybody better. Kevin also helped to keep my nerves under control as well as training me to drive too. I am truly grateful and now I’m off to pick my child up from school for the very first time!“ 

Simon Calvert, Carlisle

“Passed my driving test today, thanks to Kevin’s patience to get me through some hard times over the past few months. Couldn’t of passed without him. Feels amazing to have finally achieved my goal even with all his silly rhymes going round in my head”

Jordan McGill, Carlisle 

“After taking the risk of getting a driving test cancellation I passed my driving test today, I’m so happy because Kevin has helped me out so much over past couple of years & always encouraged me to believe in myself”

Rachel Douglas, Carlisle 

Passed First Attempt

” Huge thank you to Kevin Graham in helping me pass my driving test first go!! He made me so confident and really believed in me “

Katie Meeten, Carlisle 

Passed First Attempt

“Can’t believe I have just Passed First time!! I was so nervous it’s still doesn’t feel real. Kevin has been a fantastic Driving Instructor, absolutely brilliant and so patient too. He uses the best technology and apps. I couldn’t have done it without him”

Dr Victor Mccullough

Passed First Attempt

“Excellent driving instructor. Patient and calm throughout training. Passed 1st time as well under Kevin’s tutelage!!”

Bobbie Little, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my practical driving test first time today, very very happy with the outcome. Would 100% recommend Kevin to anyone. He keeps you calm and always lets you fix mistakes in your own time. Get booking now with the top driving instructor in town!”

Sarah Hamilton, Carlisle

“Can’t recommend Kevin Graham enough as a Driving Instructor. He made my learning experience fantastic and helped my confidence grow with each lesson too. As an older learner driver his teaching methods are great”

Matthew O’neill, Carlisle

Passed with 1 minor

“I would definitely recommend Kevin as your driving instructor because he pushed me on to keep believing and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him!”

Tony Park, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Absolutely fantastic tutor, helped me pass first attempt. Kevin leaves no stone unturned and has made me the better driver for it!“

Lauren McLelland, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Before I met with Kevin for the first time, I was an anxious driver. Kevin immediately put me at ease and I relaxed into driving. He was so friendly that it never felt like you were under any pressure and as a result I passed my driving test first time!!”

Dale Dixon, Carlisle

“Passed my driving test today after changing instructors to Kevin who helped me to improve my driving skills. Great driving instructor who gets the job done!!”


Alex Haley, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

” Happy to say I have passed first time today with Kevin!! He encouraged me to learn at my own pace which gave me the time I needed to become a confident driver “

Chayana Teasdale, Gretna

Passed First Attempt

” Kevin is an excellent Driving Instructor and very friendly. Helped me Pass First Time !!! “

Lauren Haley, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

” I am so happy that I chose Kevin to be my driving instructor. I had little previous driving experience and Kevin was so professional, patient and kind, he really helped to put my mind at ease. I am very pleased to say that I passed first attempt with Kevin’s instruction “

Alice Godridge, Brampton

Passed First Attempt

” Fab!! I am now really confident enough to drive my toddler about. I passed first time today, more than ready !! “

Chelsea Robinson, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“I passed first time with Kevin! He is very patient and comfortable to be around. He has a unique style of teaching which is easy to understand. I am so glad I chose Kevin to be my driving instructor as I’ve learned so much in quite a short space of time”

Caitlin Taylor, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“I’ve passed my driving test first time today!! #FeelingRelieved. I enjoyed my driving lessons so much because Kevin made them fun while ensuring I always learned a lot too”

Ben Mcallister, Carlilsle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my driving test first time, Kevin is an excellent driving instructor and very friendly too. I would choose Kevin as your future Driving Instructor because I learned loads and it didn’t take me that long to pass my test either”


Catherine Richardson, Alston

Passed First Attempt 

“Just passed my driving test first time, I’ve enjoyed driving lessons with Kevin as he was always clam, always polite and down to earth and made driving seem possible. Now looking forward to the freedom of driving independently!”

Wills Stobbart, Annan

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my Driving Test First attempt with the help of Kevin today! I have enjoyed every lesson because Kevin is very friendly, he always helped to motivate me and believe in myself so I could achieve my goal of gaining a full driving licence”

Chris Campbell, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“I started learning to drive back in January and I’m pleased to say that I passed the driving test today on my first attempt!! I would highly recommend Kevin as a driving instructor because he understands your nerves and also helps you to drive confidently”


Emily Norton, Carlisle

“Thanks to Kevin I passed my driving test today. I would highly recommend Kevin as a Driving Instructor because he is patient, very understanding and he simply won’t let you give up…ever!!!”

Samantha Wells, Carlisle

“I’ve just passed my driving test 2nd time around. Kevin is a great driving instructor who is always patient, understanding, lovely easy company, reliable and punctual!! I would totally recommend him 100%”

Zoe Scott, Gretna

Passed with 2 minors!!

“Passed my driving test today with only 2 minor faults!! I have to say that Kevin has the patience of a saint! 10/10 would recommend to folk who want to learn to drive”


Liam Cockbain, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Just passed my driving test first time with only 1 minor fault thanks to Kevin. Great teacher who listens to everything you say and helps you with things that you struggle with. Would highly recommend to any one planning on learning to drive”

Matthew Telford,Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin is an excellent driving instructor because he helps you to grow the confidence and skill to pass the driving test quickly and easily”


Driving Lessons in Carlisle

Rebecca Crosby, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Excellent driving instructor! Passed first attempt today after previously having four other trainers!! So I would highly recommend Kevin because he always made me feel very relaxed & calm at all times”


becky-robertshaw-250x250 Driving Lessons in Carlisle

Becky Robertshaw, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Excellent teacher, enabled me to pass first time with zero minors! Would highly recommend, gives lots of support and the constant available Facebook contact means Kevin’s never far away”

driving-schools-carlisle Driving Lessons in Carlisle

Sam Caddy, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Kevin Graham is a fantastic Driving Instructor, he has taught me very well & also I have passed my test 1st time. I would highly recommend Kevin to any new driver”

Luke Finney, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“I passed first go!!! Kevin is a great driving instructor and I would really recommend him because he helps to keep you calm when you get a really stressed”



Kasey Carruthers, Carlisle

“Passed my driving test today second time round with flying colours and only 5 minor faults!! Kevin is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him”


Andrew Sullivan, Carlisle
Passed First Attempt

“Passed my test first time and learned everything with Kevin in a short space of time. I really couldn’t of done it without the hard work and dedication that I received too. I would recommend this driving instructor to anyone thanks once again Kevin!!”


Ann Richardson, Alston

“I’ve just passed my driving test after a year of driving training with Kevin. He really helped me with my anxiety issues about driving. Also it goes without saying that I would highly recommend Kevin to everyone”


Laura Dowell, Carlisle
Passed First Attempt

“Passed my driving test first time, couldn’t of done it without Kevin. I was really nervous so Kevin kindly picked me up earlier than planned so we could do extra practice and calm my nerves. I would highly recommend Kevin for driving lessons”


Jordan Mallinson, Carlisle

“Would like to give a massive thanks to Kevin Graham for helping me pass my driving test, couldn’t have done it without him finding last minute slots to fit me in when needed”

driving lessons carlisle

Stacie Wilson, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my driving test first time! Kevin is an amazing driving instructor. He has lots of patience and I couldn’t have found anyone better”

driving lessons carlisle

Abigail Crooks, Carlisle 

Passed First Attempt

“So pleased I passed my driving test first time with Kevin Graham and only got 4 minors! He is an excellent teacher who makes you work (in a good way) and learn new things every lesson, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin Graham to anyone”


Chloe O’neill, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“So happy that I passed my driving test first time with only 1 minor! I would definitely recommend Kevin Graham because I was able to pass my driving test in 6 months due to his great tuition. Thanks for all your help!”


driving lessons carlisle

Taylor Nicholson, Wigton

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my driving test FIRST time with Kevin. Each lesson was well planned and made me feel confident when behind the wheel with his patience and belief in me”

driving lessons carlisle

Samantha White, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Passed my driving test 1st time today, couldn’t of done it without Kev and all his hard work because he keeps you going, fun to learn with and all in all an absolute top driving instructor”


Joe Short, Carlisle

Passed First Attempt

“Cannot thank this man enough!!! Got me passed first time round! Kevin taught my brother a few years back and he also passed first time! Couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you!!!”

driving lessons carlisle

Joanna Mackay,

Isle Of Harris

“Passed my driving test with Kevin after only a few months, excellent teaching and support. I would definitely recommend Kevin because he makes learning to drive enjoyable and gives you the confidence you need on roundabouts”



Greg Hoare, Carlisle

“I needed to be able to drive to advance in my job – and Kevin ensured that I passed my test, but more importantly he helped me to become a safe, skilful and conscientious driver. He’s highly experienced, but also patient and friendly. His lessons have a laid back atmosphere, perfect for new drivers but he’ll also make sure that you learn a lot, and 100% get your money’s worth. I’d highly recommend Kevin to any learner driver.”