The 2yr Driving Licence Warranty

It is very unlikely you would have heard of a driving licence warranty before and that is due to Kevin Graham Driver Training being the first driving school in Carlisle and Cumbria to offer this exceptional service to learner drivers.

We are committed to helping people become safe drivers and when you look at accident statistics the people in most danger of having an accident are those who are newly qualified, considering they have only recently passed their driving test and therefore proven to be safe, you have to ask why.

In short the driver is technically sound, but like a dog who has been taught to sit under command or a child who has learned their times tables, if you put the dog or child under a little stress or provide distraction liabilities are more likely to occur. This is due to nothing more other than experience. Perhaps the newly qualified driver has not driven for a while and feels rusty, maybe they are tired, it has been a long day and driving conditions are far from perfect or maybe they have friends in the car and having a fun time. None of these issues can be created in their driving lessons or infact on the test.

The 2yr driving licence warranty is essentially a series of refresher lessons, you can take up to 3 hours for free for the first 2 years after passing the driving test. Typical reasons why the refresher lessons have been asked for are due to not driving for a while, wanting the instructor next to them in their new car, not feeling confident about a particular skill or even just to have the desire to make sure what they are doing is correct.

You will need your own road legal and fuelled car, you are can have up to 3 hours per year for 2 years after passing the test, and the date, time and location must be suitable for the driving instructor.

We are committed to safety and if nothing else, it is our hope you choose Kevin Graham Driver Training to learn to drive simply because you feel this offer is a must for anyone thinking about learning to drive.