The Pass Promise

Learning to drive can come with its pitfalls, especially when trying to find the right driving school in Carlisle, who exactly do you choose? While there are many tempting offers, just Google “cheap driving lessons in Carlisle” and you will find plenty of schools offering you what looks like very tempting deals – but they all miss the point. Your desire to drive is not about going through the process of buying driving lessons in Carlisle it is about passing your driving test.

So what better than a PASS PROMISE?

It works like this, while no driving school can guarantee you will pass first time, Kevin Graham Driver Training can make assurances that if you do not pass first time, we’ll cover the cost of your driving test.

The reason why we do this is simple, because we are really good at helping people just like you get on the road, but we need to prove it.

There are some stipulations that we do insist upon, but even these rules are put in place to help you learn properly and to become a safe driver.

1. You need to pass your theory test inside the first 8 weeks of joining the school.

2. The average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47, but we ask that you complete 40 hours of training with us, that is almost 20% less.

3. You will take a 2 hour lesson every week, any missed weeks you have to make up.

4. All tests are booked by the school.

5. Prior to taking your driving test you will have passed a mock test and have completed your learning to drive syllabus.

6. If you happen to somehow fail your driving test you will need to take a minimum of 6 remedial hours.

The school will give you free lessons to the value of the 2nd driving test if you meet this criteria and you happen to somehow not pass your first test.