The Triple Guarantee

So is it just a gimmick, what does it really mean to you?

There are many driving schools that you can choose from and of course we want you picking up the phone and giving us a call, we want your business so we set about thinking how can we add value into our service. We understand that driving schools look the same, and it is really hard to distinguish between a good and bad school. You might see the ugliest of cars and be put off, but the instructor could be world class…there is just no way for you to tell. This got us thinking, what would we want if we were taking driving lessons? And we came up with this list :

1. We’d want value for money, we would want to be sure the lessons we were taking were going to be good

2. The last thing we would want is to be ripped off, you know, where the driving school gets a few more driving lessons out of you

3. Of course a nice instructor, someone pleasant would be good

4. Ideally we want to pass in the fewest hours possible

5. Hopefully to pass first time. and most importantly…

6. We would want to know we are going to be a safe and confident driver.

These 6 points led us to creating the triple guarantee of a money back guarantee, a pass promise, and a 2 year driving licence warranty. It ticks all the boxes of all the 6 points and adds value like no other driving school in Carlisle can do.