Why the driving test isn’t good enough

A great read for all learners and parents.


You are vulnerable : You’ve shown, by passing your driving test that you are able to drive unsupervised on the road but as a newly qualified driver you are much more vulnerable than you think.

You are more likely to have a crash : Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their driving test than at any other time in their driving career.

You lack experience : It”s not because of your age – newly qualified drivers are at a higher than average risk whatever your age. The main factor is simply lack of driving experience


Develop your driving skills so you can drive safely in all conditions and on all types of roads. Until you do this you will be at greater risk of being in a road accident.

That risk is reflected in car insurance premiums.

This is where PASS PLUS comes in.

Designed by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the six module training syllabus will develop your skills and if you feel nervous driving on your own it can also help boost your confidence.

There is no test at the end : Instead, you’ll be assessed throughout and you must cover all the modules to complete the training.

PASS PLUS works! As an indicator of it’s effectiveness a recent survey of L tests carried out by ORC International for the DVSA showed that of those who had taken Pass Plus :

. 93% felt more confident on the road . 89% considered that their driving had improved

as a result of taking the course.


Your PASS PLUS instructor knows that you have achieved the level of competence required to pass the driving test. But, as a new driver you have relatively little driving experience.

PASS PLUS is much more than just a few extra driving lessons. As well as gaining further driving experience under expert supervision, you’ll be taught how to deal with situations you may not have faced before such as :

. driving in fog, rain, snow and ice, driving in the dark, motorway driving

The course will show you some of the reasons why things can go wrong and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

By completing the syllabus successfully you’ll gain the satisfaction of driving safely, in a more positive and controlled way.

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